They call this madness. I call this life.

Hi! I'm weird and a self-proclaimed boring person.

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Missing you comes in waves.

Tonight I’m drowning.

Hannah Taylor, “Waves” (via hnnhtylr)

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Next year, Arashi will be having 16th anniversary, and I will be 32 years old. Wow, since my debut when I was 16 years old, half of my life belongs to Arashi. Ninomiya Kazunari, Baystorm | 25 May 2014.
(T/N: Nino said 人生の半分なんで、嵐。)

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When you grow up as a girl, the world tells you the things that you are supposed to be: emotional, loving, beautiful, wanted. And then when you are those things, the world tells you they are inferior: illogical, weak, vain, empty. Stevie Nicks (via larmoyante)

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you shouldn’t have to
break yourself
and move your pieces.
if he was designed for you
he would fit.
'force' by Della Hicks-Wilson (via dellahickswilson)

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Everything is gonna be all right Sakurai Sho in 素晴らしき世界 (Subarashiki Sekai)

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I think we still live in a culture that assumes that men are single by choice and women are single because no one wants them. Sara Eckel, This is Why You’re Still Single (It’s Not Why You Think)  (via albinwonderland)

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The pain of missing someone always starts in the chest, where the heart is, then it makes its way toward the gut, this is when you become aware of how lost you are without this person, and then one day it disappears; That is the weirdest feeling of all. T.B. LaBerge // Unwritten Letters to You  (via c-oquetry)

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